Seasonal or Long Term Rental Photography

How important is it?

The Naples Real Estate Industry is a broad market that ranges from ultra high end luxury properties to modest, yet profitable condominiums and single family homes. In Southwest Florida all of these properties have one thing in common, and that is they are in high demand for seasonal rentals and annual leases.

We all understand that selling a home or marketing a listing requires quality media which Real Estate Photography plays a substantial role. However, how much focus and priority are investors placing on their media marketing campaigns?

When it comes to listing and promoting investment properties there are a few things you can do as a property manager or agent that will help you secure a tenant faster than your competitors. It doesn't matter if you have a property that leases for $200 a week or $3,000+ a week, you want to make it stand out and be as appealing as possible to potential  tenants or businesses.

Some property managers, executive leasing companies and real estate agents have the mindset that if they were selling an expensive property here in Naples then they would certainly use a first-class Real Estate Photographer, but since it is only a rental property then it is not that important to seek out quality images.

They could not be further from the truth.

Profitable rental owners and property managers are always looking ahead and marketing ahead. Studies have indicated that homes put on the marketplace with either low quality or no imaging can take up to four times longer to be leased as those that were marketed with high quality images. And the best of the best don't stop there. They hire a photographer that will help them portray what makes their building and community unique. They do everything in their power to increase the properties "digital curb appeal".

How does the cost of a quality Real Estate Photographer fit into your marketing budget? Think of it this way; the fee for a photographer to visit your property in Naples is likely much less than one week's rental fees. How many weeks of the property being vacant, yet on the market, will make the cost of a good photographer feel like pennies?

High end, quality images also do one more extremely important thing for your property. They attract a higher quality tenant.

The property that is seen online with dark, ugly photos is likely to attract a tenant or company that is basing their search on cost alone or the cheapest possible option. However, a property that is marketed with quality images and a positive marketing campaign, superior to that of it's competitors, will appear to have a higher value. That is going to appeal to the tenant or corporation that values and appreciates the benefit of paying a little more.

Even if the price of leasing a property is identical to that of the poorly portrayed listing that does not include professional photography, why would a customer enquire into a property that looks awful online when they can have another property in their search range that looks so much better?

In other words, for less than what could be 1 or two days rent here in lovely Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs or any part of Southwest Florida for that matter, you can not only increase the amount of enquiries on a property, but the quality of tenant is typically better as well. For those reasons alone, hiring a professional photographer for your rental properties makes perfect business sense.

So what can quality imaging do for your rentals?

  • Shorter Time to Rent

    Quality imaging gets more people to the property quicker

  • Increase your brand value

    As a marketing agent your brand is your marketing quality and effectiveness

  • Attract better renters

    Quality images attract renters that are looking for more than just price

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