Single Property Websites – Why and How

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What is a single property website?

A single property website for real estate marketing use is just what the name implies, a website domain name used to promote and sell one single property. It has a unique URL that is exactly the same as the property’s address.

An example would be

reasons you may want to try a single property site

Sellers Love Them

Sellers (Homeowners) think they are great. Think about it, according to NAR’s 2015 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report the average age of a home owner was 54. These Boomers are the ones selling their homes and if you can relate, like I can they are heavy users of the internet, Social Media in particular.

A nice and flashy website dedicated to their home will be sure to impress them and give them the feeling that you are willing to do everything needed to sell their home.

Buyers See something special

Who would take the time to build an exclusive website for a mediocre home? This home must be special! This real estate agent must really set the bar high when it comes to their marketing campaigns!

Also, the big listing portals like and Zillow spend huge amounts of resources to get property searchers to quickly move from one listing to another while looking for a home to buy or rent. These tactics are designed to make the user spend more time on their site rather than have the user focus more time on your property alone.

If you have the option to show your property to the buyer on a single property domain the temptation to look at just one more listing or compare your property to another close by is removed.

With this in mind, if you are offering unique video, information or professional photographs on this single property site they will be more inclined to share it on their social media than a typical Zillow listing.

Seo and digital footprint

It may take some time, but having several single property websites out there that link directly back to your site may dramatically improve your own site’s Google ranking. Linkbacks are one of the top factors in your search engine rankings. This is all part of your digital footprint and every aspect of this is what adds up to you being noticed and standing out in the huge pool of agents in your area.

The site may also come up in future searches, even after the property sells. It may not rank well in a general search for Naples Real Estate, but if someone does a search for that particular address or even the same street a website with your name, contact info and website may show up.

Don’t forget rentals

Naples and the surrounding areas have a large percentage of rental property listings in search results. Whether the listing is a high end seasonal rental or a desirable long term lease, again a single property website can make the home or business stand out. If you specialize in or even dabble in property management, landlords will love this type of marketing for their properties. Some may even demand it and having experience in this area as well as a history of single property domains to show can bring in higher end and more experienced clients.

So how do I get one?

There are a few ways to go about setting up a single property website for a listing.


You can do all this yourself. Simply choose a domain and purchase hosting. This can be time consuming and there is a learning curve.

Another DIY option would be sub domains or single property listing pages added on to your personal site. Technically these would not be single property websites, but you can easily build a landing page or subdomain on a website that you already own.

Disadvantages to this would be no unique domain name for that particular property.

Ready to use single property website providers

If the DIY method is confusing or a little daunting already, then using a turnkey single property website provider may be what you are looking for. These are website providers that specialize in real estate websites for single properties.

Some examples of these would be Agency Logic, Cribflyer and Rela.

These sites can be fast and easy to learn ways to get single property websites, as long a the domains are available.

professional photographer service

Another option for busy agents would be to hire a professional real estate photographer that offers this as an add on service. Sometimes this is the easiest way to consolidate your marketing strategies and free up some time for personal marketing.

The bottom line

Single property websites for your real estate listings can have a great ROI, depending on what your strategies are and what your clients needs are. They are not for every listing and every seller, but they definitely need to be something you are familiar with and have in your arsenal when you sit down with a potential client.

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