Storm Damage  and Clean Up Southwest Florida

Sometimes during the sales process there are properties that need a little extra “looking at” before a buyer can feel comfortable with their decision and move forward with the purchase. This is why in the Real Estate business, property inspections and a well thought out and complete due diligence period is essential.

Hardly anyone would think of purchasing a home or property these days without a Home Inspection. This is a given. But  how many savvy buyers go that extra mile and arrange for ancillary inspections, either by the Home Inspection agency themselves, or by independent contractors specializing in certain parts of the home?

One way to get a really close look at that roof system on a two story home is to arrange for an Aerial Drone Inspection. This is often provided by the same company that offers aerial real estate photography.

If your provider of real estate photography is an FAA certified drone operator, who is insured for each flight, then the odds that are they are competent enough to provide you with aerial images showing details of the property which may be of great value in helping you make the right decisions.

Ask your drone operator if they have samples of aerial inspections they can provide you. Make sure their images are high quality and high resolution. This will allow you to view the property the same as if you were up there yourself!

An aerial view of the property can reveal things that may not be noticed from the ground, such as the roof cricket on the home pictured above. There may not be any issues today, but that is an area that should be monitored more closely than the concrete tiles themselves.

Remember, the time to have the best look possible is before the purchase, not after. This includes real estate photographs, aerial images and close up inspection photos. Go that extra mile…and if you are a real estate agent, help your client make it that extra mile!