If you are a real estate agent in Naples or the surrounding area then you may be familiar with the Tourbuzz Virtual tour hosting platform. Virtual tours can be an important part of your branding and marketing gameplan, and these tours have a lot of options for personalization and branding.

In this tutorial video I walk you through the Agent/Client portal on the virtual tour host that I use, Tourbuzz.

Your virtual tours should have the ability to give you easy access to branded, non branded and simple gallery links that you can share to your MLS listings and potential buyers. The ability to easily copy and paste a link to a branded tour of a property into an email and send it directly to a pre made list of potential buyers for a particular property is essential.

Tourbuzz give you control of editing your virtual tours, including photo order, music, descriptions and transition options. It has an easy to use flyer generator for creating PDF flyers as well as flyers that can be shared via email and posted on your websites.

So have a look at the video and if your Naples real estate photographer is not providing you with something comparable give me a call and we can discuss your real estate marketing plan!

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