Why Paying MORE for a Real Estate Photographer is LESS Expensive

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A person thinks about whether Best Price or Quality is more important in making a buying decision when comparison shopping

Why is the lowest price often more expensive?

Choosing the real estate photographer with the lowest price often ends up costing you more than the photographer with the higher up front fees.

You see, choosing a real estate photographer in Naples is a lot like choosing any other professional in Naples – You get what you pay for. And if you don’t pay very much, then you won’t get very much.

We have all seen those crazy cheap deals online where they are selling Rolex watches for $15 and Gucci Handbags for $30. You know right away that there is a reason why they are so cheap, and it’s because they are not the real deal.

It is exactly the same when it comes to real estate photography. You see one photographer who charges $200 and then you see another photographer who will give you 30 images for $75. It is hard to ignore those cheap offers because they seem too good to be true.

Well, they probably are too good to be true.

Often the really cheap photo shoots can end up costing you more in the end in terms of delayed or lost sales and damage to your brand and reputation.

5 Reasons why some photographers may be cheaper than others

  1. Inexperienced Photographers – Often the low-cost photographer is inexperienced at photographing real estate. This may mean they are not comfortable in charging full price. They may not fully understand the sales process or have enough experience to compose images that will highlight what the property has to offer. Their work may not be consistent and offer the “wow factor” that will help create click throughs to your listings.
  2. They don’t know how to create images that sell – This is a spin off of number 1. A cheap photographer  will know how to set up the camera and fire the shutter, but they don’t know how to compose and create images that sell. Does it evoke a sense of wonder, or does it merely show a room?
  3. Low quality equipment – Some people move into photography as a business because it is a passion of theirs and they got a camera for their birthday. However, they don’t have the multiple flashes that are needed to make the interior of a home light and bright, or perhaps they don’t even have the right software (or experience with that software) to do editing that will make a photo stand out.
  4. Expensive Add-On fees – Some photographers offer a low-cost basic photography package, but if you need or want anything extra, such as virtual tours, video or aerial photography they add on a lot of extra fees.
  5. They work too fast – Another issue we see often in the world of real estate photography is large corporations who hire people with very little experience. They pay them a low wage and send them out to fire the camera in a cookie cutter fashion and deliver the images back to the big corporation. When a photographer isn’t paid much they are not really interested in doing what is best for the sale of the property.

Finding the right real estate photographer for your listings is not about finding the cheapest photographer out there. It’s about finding someone you trust, someone that knows the Naples Real Estate business and has your best interest in mind. Remember, your brand is your biggest asset. Protect it!

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